Initial Visit

Following an enquiry I will make an initial visit to meet you and see your garden. I discuss your requirements. I make an initial assessment of the garden and ask a lot of questions to establish, for instance, what you want from your garden, how you want to use it, what problem areas there are, what style of garden you would like (traditional, contemporary, cottage etc.), what materials you favour, how much time you want to spend gardening. I then draw up a comprehensive brief using all the information I have collected during the initial meeting. The brief is then sent to you together with a fee estimate for surveying your garden and producing concept drawings and final design proposals. It is then up to you to decide if you would like to take your project forward with Goose Green Design.


Once you have decided to proceed a full survey of your garden is carried out. This involves measuring the boundaries and plotting the house within its site, recording all linear measurements, levels, heights of walls and features, aspect, and noting all relevant details. Changes in levels will be calculated and photographs taken. Soil samples will be taken for analysis to make sure the right plants are chosen for the site. Surveys are undertaken by myself or a professional surveying company, depending on the size and complexity of the garden.

Site Analysis

Concept plan

From the survey an outline of the site is drawn up and a concept plan developed. This is a scaled drawing of the design and will show all features of the proposed garden and planting themes or detailing. This plan may be accompanied by sketches or photographs but does not include detailed construction drawings.

Once the client has approved the concept plan, further services are available as appropriate. Fees for these services are individually provided to the client, agreed in advance and include:

  • Construction drawings and specification documents, to enable quotations for design implementation.
  • Planting plans, showing the position, quantity and variety of plants.
  • Site advisory or monitoring visits, to ensure the design is properly interpreted. The number of visits required will depend on the complexity of the design.


Once the hard landscaping is nearing completion I can then draw up scaled planting plans, source plants and organise their planting

Maintenance Guides and Reviews

A maintenance schedule can be provided and many clients find it extremely useful to have seasonal follow up visits in the spring and autumn as the garden develops.