A Blank Canvas

This garden was a blank canvas left after the newly completed construction of the house. There wasn't even a weed in sight!

Drainage was essential as the garden was sitting on a construction pan left after the builders had completed this and a number of other houses. The soil was poor and it was necessary to bring in a significant quantity of quality top soil.

The finished garden is now maturing well and features a large round patio with screening provided by feature posts with rope swags for roses, a wooden pergola leading from the kitchen doors to the main patio, a further small patio with paving detail and a small slate bubble fountain water feature.

Planting is in limited palate of pretty pinks and blues with a mixture of bulbs, perennials and shrubs. In a corner there is a multistemmed birch underplanted with cornus (dramatic ontrasting red stems in winter), snowdrops and hellebores.