Jul 6, 2011

The day the gardening world came to my village!

Last week-end the sun shone and it felt like the whole gardening world descended on Gullane in East Lothian - my home village! Ten gardens, of diverse size and style, had bravely volunteered to open under Scotland's Garden Scheme.

Category: General
Posted by: Joy Grey

I helped a friend with her large garden and fielded questions about the garden and its different rooms and planting styles.

Of major interest was my friend's long 'Naturalistic Border' which she has been developing over the last few years. It is supposed to peak in late summer but it looked wonderful last week-end - helped of course by the sun. I can't wait to see it in September!

The planting style uses a lot of carefully chosen ornamental grasses and drought tolerant perennials. With strong foliage shapes, bold colours and attractive flower and seed heads they look beautiful through the seasons. This style of planting is both low maintenance and ecologically friendly.
To learn more read some of the publications by Noel Kingsbury and Piet Oudolf.